Signing up for the Greenbrier Aero Club is a little different from most VA’s because we operate out of a series of interconnected blogs, rather than an actual web site. Here’s how to do it:   Go to and sign up for an account (you DO NOT need to sign up for your own blog, regardless of what Google says). It's free and semi-easy and you might even already have one. Then contact me, Dan George, at contact GAC  In the subject line of your message place the words "member app" (quotes not necessary). Since the Greenbrier Aero Club is a closed blog (only members can post to the blog) expect to receive a membership confirmation via your e-mail, usually within a day or less. You will also receive several invitations to join the GAC blog pages. As explained on the FAQS page be sure to accept all the invitations. That's it!! After you are signed up you can edit your personal profile at your dashboard, write posts, publish screenshots, and start an active flying career with the Greenbrier Aero Club.

Other than limiting aircraft size to a maximum passenger capacity of 8-12 plus flight crew, GAC places no limits on the type of aircraft members may choose to fly. Antique aircraft, defined here as those built and flying before the end of hostilities, WW II, are not limited in any way as to size and/or passenger capacity.

To remain a member of GAC, you must maintain your currency. If you have not flown and submitted a Flight Report within 15 days of joining, and at least one flight every 30 days thereafter, you will be automatically deleted from our roster.

Because the Greenbrier Aero Club is operated from a series of blogs, rather than a web site, our flight reporting is handled a little differently than other VA's. We use the Google Documents and Spreadsheets program for our reporting. After you sign up and are accepted into GAC, you will receive a link to two simplified Google Spreadsheets. Save the links to your Bookmarks (Firefox) or Favorites (IE) list. One link will lead to your personal flight report (FR) form.  The other link will direct you to the monthly Roster & Log, where we record your flight hours and activities.