Welcome to the Greenbrier Aero Club.

Our aim is to provide a site dedicated to the small aircraft enthusiast. We place a size limit of a max passenger load of 8-12 plus crew on our members' aircraft. Jets and prop jobs are equally welcome and we place no limits on areas of the world in which members can fly. Please note, we are now a flying club consisting of individuals who enjoy flight simulation and general aviation aircraft. We are no longer a virtual airline.

Members are encouraged to post screenshots of their flying adventures on our Screenies & Stories page. Some members like to make up stories about their flying adventures as if they were actually doing real world flights, but that isn’t necessary. Make a posting of where you flew and any comments you might like about the flight and you’re good to go.

Along the way you might see screenshot posts made by members of the original Greenbrier Virtual Aviation team. Membership in that elite club is now closed and all new memberships will be in the Greenbrier Aero Club. Click on the tab above entitled "Sign up" to find out more about joining. Hope to see you in the air soon!!

Dan George
Greenbrier Aero Club & Greenbrier Virtual Aviation Chairman.