1. Why is it necessary to accept so many invitations when joining GAC?
Each GAC page is actually a separate blog site. While you can open and view any page by way of a posted link or tab, the only way for you to be able to post to any GAC page is to accept the invitations. Yes, this process is a little awkward at first, but you only need to accept the invitations one time.

2. Will I be given a schedule to fly at GAC?
No you will not!! One of the strong points of GAC is our philosophy of "fly what you want, where and when you want". The only limitations are the number of flights all pilots must make per month and the size of acceptable aircraft. Pilots are therefore free to engage their personal likes and desires to the fullest.

3. What type of aircraft are appropriate for use with GAC?
What do you like to fly? The only limitations are aircraft size--8 to 12 passengers plus crew.  Antique aircraft (those built before the end of hostilities, WW II) are allowable regardless of size and passenger carrying capacity.

4. Can I fly my personal repaints?
Yes you can. As a club consisting of individual pilots, GAC offers no repaints or club colors.

5. When can I start to publish my screen shots?
As soon as you like, once you are an active member you are expected to share your adventures with everyone else.

6. What can I expect from my time with GAC?
Exactly what you put into the experience. If you are happy to fly only a few flights per month and don't desire to get into picture posting, our several yearly events and general fun that's fine. If you want to do more, please join in to the fullest. You will probably never be personally invited to join in every event, our events are voluntary.

Greenbrier Aero Club flight reports (FR's) are to be filed using zulu time. UTC or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is based on celestial observations made at the Greenwich Royal Observatory in London. Greenwich is of course the origin of the Zero, or Prime Meridian, used for measuring both time and longitude globally. UTC (Universal Time Constant) has come to replace the term GMT but means exactly the same. Zulu time is simply military shorthand for the same time figures. KLWB and KHSP are both 4 hours (summer) and 5 hours (winter) behind zulu time. In other words, 1200 zulu equals 0800 summer and 0700 winter. Summer and winter in this case are defined as those times when daylight savings is in effect (summer) and when daylight savings is not in effect (winter). You should know how your local time differs from zulu (UTC) time too. There is no 2400 hours in zulu time. That time is expressed as 0000hrs.

Part of this article is excerpted from a Bluegrass Airlines posting by "fingers."