MARCH 1st through 31st.

Time to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal life for a while.  Winter has been tough here. I bet yours’ has too.   Fly 4-6 flights to your favorite get-away places anywhere in the world.  Use any aircraft that lies within GAC normal limits, no super sized jumbo jets for this one.  If you can, use your favorite GAC legal aircraft as well as flying to your favorite places, that’s even better.  

Event starts March 1 and continues to midnight March 31st.  Be sure to mark your FR “Spring Fling 2018”.  If you post screenies (that’s a hint guys) from your flights try to tell us why your destination and aircraft fall into your “my favorite” category.

Remember, this is a commemorative earning event.  New members or those who have not flown a Spring Fling before wll earn a new electronic commemorative while repeat flyers will earn a year marker.  Have fun!