Event dates:  12/1/18 to 12/31/18
There’s been a lot of misery in the world this past year.  Places and events that have left people hurting and in need, sometimes desperate need.  And now it’s the Christmas season.  That’s where we come in.

It’s time of our annual Toys for Tots flights.  This will be our eight consecutive year of flying these flights.  This year we will be flying in Central Texas, and that gives us a large area to visit.

Our area will be defined (more or less) as a rough rectangle inside a box defined by the cities of  Corpus Christi, Midland, Waco, and finally Houston.

Flight reporting:  Be sure to add the wording T4T 2018 in the comments section of the flight reports you file.  All participants must complete 5-8 flights in order to qualify as having completed this year’s event.

As in the past, year markers will be added to those already in place on your member cards.  First time participants will receive a commemorative medallion attached to their member card similar to those already in use for the event designed by Bong E GVA037

Be sure to check your favorite real world site for airport info before setting out on any one flight.  Distances and airport facilities, runway length, etc vary.   Routing is up to the PIC (pilot in command).

Note:  many of the airports make use of the Orbx freeware airports.  Available here.  If you choose to install the airports, you will also need the latest Orbx freeware libraries, available here (scroll way down).  Be sure to read the installation instructions carefully!!  It is not necessary to install the Orbx airports in order to complete the event.  The freeware airport list is now nearly 600 items long.  Lots of places to fly and much better looking than default.