DECEMBER 1st through 31st

Our yearly major winter event will again be “Toys for Tots”  (T4T2017).  This is a commemorative earning event.   Our flight area is to be Puerto Rico, hard hit by Hurricane Maria, and still without much electricity, normal food distribution and scarce safe drinking water.

"Flights can be done in two ways:  Pilots can fly toys from major off island airports into Puerto Rican airports in bulk using full sized aircraft.  Internal Puerto Rican flights can then be done using smaller aircraft (think airplanes capable of flying into/out of short and/or dirt runways).  Perhaps full sized aircraft can be used for selected internal Puerto Rican flights also.  You may also need to investigate the possibility of helicopter flights.

Since Puerto Rico is a small island with limited airports, pilots may want to do one or more flights into the Dominican Republic.

Fly 5-6 flights-more if you desire-in order to earn this year’s T4T2017 commemorative attached to your member card.  As usual, this is an optional event, fly if you desire.   Have fun and fly safe.