Flight for the Human Spirit

DEP: KYKM Yakima Air Terminal/Mcallister Field
ARR: KUAO Aurora State
DIST: 122.4 NM
ETE: 1:10 MIN (based on 120 kts)
One of his flight route

Michael Combs took off from Salina, Kansas on April 8,2010 in a REMOS Light Sport Aircraft with the goal of flying into all fifty states and inspiring millions to follow their dreams.

A journey of this magnitude, originally slated to cover more than 33,000 miles and with stops in more than 171 cities across America, had never before been accomplished in a Light Sport Aircraft -- until now.  Michael not only met those goals, but exceeded them as millions have watched history unfolding before their eyes.[Flight for the Human Spirit website]

To learn more about Michael Combs adventure, visit "Flight for the Human Spirit".