First it was Texas, now it’s Florida’s turn to be under the gun.  For more than 10 years the mainland United State has not witnessed a dangerous and devastating hurricane, now we have had two in just a few weeks.   First it was Harvey in Texas and now Hurricane Irma has destroyed much of Southern Florida.

For the first time in it’s history GAC will be running two events at the same time.  The Humanitarian Aid Flights continue through the end of September.  Our Hurricane Aid Flights
(formerly the Texas Aid Flights) will also run to the end of September.

The area from Houston to Port Arthur & Beaumont are your Texas destinations.  Any flooded location is allowed.  Check this map for destinations.

Southern Florida is your other choice for flight destinations.  As of this writing no damage map is available.

Because the need is so very desperate and critical , for this event only we are allowing all GAC pilots to fly full sized aircraft if they desire.

Fly five or more aid flights and mark your FR in the comments section as Hurricane Aid Flights.  This event will be commemorated by one of Bong E’s badges attached to your member card.